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The FULL MOON will be in Conjecture with the Wandering Star URANUS of Greek Lore all day Halloween..

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 106 Views
Published on 26 Oct 2020 / In Film and Animation


As the Oracle for the end of this Age, I have not had the time to study all the O.T.O. {Kabbalah Zohar} of these Zionist Jesuit /*\ U.N. Troops of these JADE HELM 15: FREE MASON Lodges of (covid19) use Magic + Alchemy + Code = Sorcery... Heretofore: All of you doing study at our FLAT EARTH Magical Academies OFF LINE Gaming Rooms must inform your selves on all this Wiccan Evil Intentions Thought of these nonhumans people from the other side of FLAT EARTH, so you may {understand} [{**}] SPIRITUAL WARFARE has every thing to do with these "nonhumans" from the Other Side of the World in Our Celestial Sphere whom control all the TV Channels of this {NEWS} World Order of all (U.N. Flags) [{*}] on this side of OUR FLAT EARTH with their Maleficence, spells, castings, Voo Doo, Raptures, Enchantments, Charms and all their other Rack my people of Pak-Toe: as all U.N. FLAGS [Militarizes] #QBALL /_\ are compromised by these "SPIES" known as the U.N. Troops...


The Society of nonmason "of and for" OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition in and on with our Rag Tag Rebellion!!!!


Know you [enemies] my Romantic Warriors that are all Witches - Warlocks - Wizards aka the W.W.W. is magic + code + alchemy = Sorcery......., and this whole wide world is under an "Oraborus" Curse that will keep WE THE PEOPLE aka Celestial Beings (Repeating) +=+ PURGATORY for all time if we do not SHUT DOWN Their THEY LIVE A.I. Technological Mechanization and [5G] Eugenics Weapons....

The Commander~


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SAVE_Our_SOULS 1 month ago

Also when the moon is in the constellations of
The Sieve
The Wall
The Wing
And The cross-Bar

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