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The Five Evidences You've Grown Up by Bob Mumford

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Published on 20 Feb 2024 / In Spiritual

It's one thing to state a goal, and another to measure whether you are moving toward that goal.

In this video, Bob shares five personal ways he's observed maturity coming to fruition.

1. The first is ceasing to make my needs to be the priority. This is often evident in seeking personal advantage and with an unawareness of others.

2. The second is that you recognize you frequently turn the conversation to yourself.

3. The third piece of evidence is you are increasingly comfortable abiding. When your world is falling apart in some way, you are resilient and demonstrate patience.

4. Fourth is learning to thank God for alien gifts. An alien gift is something that produces weakness and takes you out of the driver's seat. In weakness, Christ's strength is made perfect.

5. The final evidence is a life filled with joy. Irrespective of what happens, the joy in your life transcends the circumstances.

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