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The Enemy Below by D.A. Rayner. BBC RADIO DRAMA

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Published on 19 Jun 2024 / In Entertainment

Saturday-Night Theatre
Sat 23rd Nov 1963, 20:30 on BBC Home Service Basic
The Enemy Below

A play for radio by D.A. Rayner adapted from his novel of the same name
With Leo Genn and Gerard Heinz

September, 1943. The Hecate, a British destroyer, is alone in the South Atlantic - alone, but for a blip on the radar which could be a German U-Boat.
Producer: Richard Imison

Narrator: Norman Claridge

British Destroyer - Commander: John Murrell (Captain): Leo Genn
British Destroyer - Surg. Lieut. MacMillan:
Fraser Kerr
British Destroyer - Lieut Mackeson: John Baddeley
British Destroyer - Andrews: Glyn Dearman
British Destroyer - Radar Officer: Peter Bartlett
British Destroyer - Lt Commander Thompson:
Kevin Flood
British Destroyer - Willis: John Broster
British Destroyer - Lieut Johnson: Bruce Condell
British Destroyer - Coxswain: John Broster
British Destroyer - Engineer Officer: Peter Bartlett
British Destroyer - Stoker Bradley: John Baddeley
British Destroyer - Robins: Bruce Condell
German U-Boat - Grand Admiral Doenitz:
Rudolf Offenbach
German U-Boat - Signalman: Michael Goldie
German U-Boat - Leutnant Kunz: Gabriel Woolf
German U-Boat - Helmsman: Lewis Stringer
German U-Boat - Bauer: Kenneth Hyde
German U-Boat - Braun: Lewis Stringer
German U-Boat - Oberleutnant von Holem:
Frank Partington
German U-Boat - Oberleutnant Schwachofer:
John G. Heller
German U-Boat - Korvettenkapitan Peter von Stolberg (Captain): Gerard Heinz
German U-Boat - Planesman: Stephen Thorne
German U-Boat - Petty Officer Muller:
Rudolf Offenbach
German U-Boat - Engineer Kritz: Michael Goldie

Other parts played by members of the BBC Drama Repertory Company

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