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The End Is Not (Quite) Yet!.

Joseph fisher
Joseph fisher - 293 Views
Published on 09 May 2020 / In Film and Animation

The End is coming we just don't know when.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 11 months ago

Only for my People…

You have learned that only 8% of the BLUE EYED people remain in existence in this realm known as FLAT DUEL EARTH of our Celestial Sphere Home World of Purgatory… Moreover, as Knowledge increases at the end of this age, we have also come to reveal that This Celestial Sphere was the first before all others……..., or the Center of the Universe if you so choose…….., moreover……., you know that The GREEN EYES Red Hair people of this Realm are now down to just 1% of the total human humane population.?.?.?, and this must be “remade” so the GREEN EYED People of Fair Skin do not go extinct for Magic and Sorcery “are dependent” on The Pure Royal Nobel Bloods and “Bonds” that people connected to the ESOTERIC do so provide…..., and you have also learned that the Dark Skin Dark Eyes are also “in decline” meaning that Regardless of what THE OLD WINE SKINS called and renamed and “lab-led” WE THE PEOPLE of Mother Heaven….., and Our Father Earth…., they are MACHINE PEOPLE whom if you just say: We are going to KILL ALL FREE MASON to their Android Faces “their eyes” will flicker into SOLID BLACK for these SLAVE POPULATIONS have never heard such “Forceful Rebellion” against these INTERNATIONALIST!!!

Now it must be a contention that many would say: BLOOD DOES NOT MATTER.?.?.? If that were so, then why do THEY LIVE these “U.N. Troops” and Global Citizens want our (Rh/O Negative) Blood too make Plasma.?.?.? Now..., I` do have the Rh/O Positive Blood Type.., but my EYES cannot GO SOLID BLACK no matter what Demonic Esoteric “Electromagnetic” Spells., Hexes, or Curses and VOO DOO dolls “are used” on my Flesh and Blood and Bones Body Temple Avatar of TEMPORARY Means in this SIMULATION Prison, but It does not mean that even I The Oracle for the End of an Age connected to the Source of All Creation and All Destruction have not been “Possessed” in the Past… Yet, I am now allowed by the permission of the COLLECTIVE to tell you there are Two Types of “Symbiots” that make Peoples eyes go SOLID BLACK, one in Natural Connection to the Esoteric True Biological Spiritual Realm, and the other are these PROFANE Fakes made by the FREE MASON Lodges of Their CRAFT using “Technological” and Americanization ENTITIES by way of The EDISON for this U.S. FLAG “Roman Empire” of FORCE LABOR TECHNOLOGY to posses, and oppress, and MITIGATE the Masses…

Do you not find it ODDTV and even RICHIE FROM BOSTON that “not even they” can dare to say: We Are need to Arrest THEY LIVE aka THE FREE MASON??? Does anyone but The GREAT Teacher, and The Commander “tell you” that these MASON Lodges are all Profane “Idiots” and Lunatics causing mass madness and “Job Loss” with their UNITED NATIONS W.H.O. International Mafia of FREE MASONIC FLAGS.?.?.?.? How come from FOX NEWS to MSNBC to CNN to your “local Truther” YouTubbers they never say: These FREE MASON Lodge Members are “JADE HELM 15” continuing perorations.?.?.?.?, and all FREE MASON “regardless of age” need to be Processed and put into CONTRAVENTION CAMPS in all land “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition for Treachery – Sedition – Treason???? It is not good enough to say: We need to Arrest people……,​ and Take them to Courts cause these FUCKING FREE MASON “are also” in ALL Courts as JUDGES!!!

You my nonmason population “appreciate” that we PURE NOBLE ROYAL Majestic Bloods were once the Kings and Queens of OUR Tartarian Empire, and we had RULE OF LAW that was just, and fair, and filled with INTEGRITY – VIRTUES – DIGNITY!!! However, since the Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1845 to 1945 we Blue eyed people are now down to just 8% of your worlds remaining NEUTRAL MAGIC Magnets, and in that, if YOU The nonmason People do not STOP the FREE MASON Lodge Members in your home towns….., then only FAKE Clones of Holographic People will remain….., and they will only have BLUE EYES cause they are “REAL” Hologram Holographic People “made by” the EDISON……., and this is why they will NEVER Destroy what we Biologic BLUE EYES Must…….., for when the EDISON Ceases to Function……..., anyone whom in not A REAL PERSON of Flesh.., and Blood., and Bones shall “cease to exist” and Vanish…

Johnny Exodice


You have wondered why {Certain People} /_\ in your Families or Friends are no longer the PEOPLE you once knew??? Because these Doppelgangers “are made” by THE EDISON, and therefore they do not come to this Dimension by Portals…

The Society of nonmason~


All these FREE MASON {News} World Order Leaders do is Talk Talk Talk….., SHIT!!!


Know you enemy my BIOLOGICAL HUMANS for these FREE MASON are all Machine People of The Edison of Forced “SLAVE” Labor Technologically………

In 2016, a record 82,000 millionaires moved to a new country thanks to immigration policies designed to attract the ultrarich, essentially by selling citizenship and residence permits.


A lot of people from AMERICA are no longer U.S. Citizens for they SOLD Their Citizenship to live in other lands, and so they have no PROTECTION under this U.S. Constitution!!!! Never forget your U.S. CITIZENSHIP is what makes the U.S. CONSTITUTION Valid, and not not even a DECLARATION of a National Emergency by Trump the Pump can MITIGATE your U.S. CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!!!!!

Who Knew “we can” SELL OUR U.S. CITIZENSHIP away` too others.?.?.?.?.?

The Commander~


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