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The definition of God preparing his CHOSEN ONES

DemonX212 [Conspiracy FACTIST]
Published on 26 Sep 2023 / In News and Politics

Source of video & timestamp of segment is at the 35:30 mark:

Live has a meaning, of course. But what is the meaning is the 1,000,000,000 dollar question.

We can only go with scriptures and alone the words of the lord, live as sinless as we can and on the other side, hopefully we'll get our biggest question(s) answered.

With that being said, in order to walk the golden streets of heaven, you'll have to walk the burning coals of hell first. There is a grand war that is raging. You can feel it, I can feel it. But God will choose a select few to be top tier warriors.

You will go through pain, loss, hurt, shame, isolation, doubt. People will distance themselves from you when you start speaking the truth. People will backstab you once you start speaking the truth. Life will seem meaningless. Your soul will feel empty. Your body will ache. Questions upon questions will fill your mind like, "Why am I the only one like this?" "Is it my fault everyone left me?" "Why do they get the life of bliss, but not me...?"

It's because you've finally entered your test. God already knows you but when you have nothing, lost everything, will you get to know him?? He can proved, he can heal, he can empower you with great knowledge and wisdom, and he can restore grace.

Life isn't easy and God doesn't want cowards apart of his team. He wants to show us what the other side is capable of. He wants YOU to choose a side. Do you want to be of the Flesh, alongside Satan or do you want the eternal Spirit, alongside God Almighty?

To be of this earth and envying the Flesh is an easy road, but you've life will never be soul fulfilling.
To be of Life and embracing the Spirit is very difficult, but the heavenly reward is so so worth it and only a few will be able to witness it!!

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