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The David Knight Show Unabridged - 01/27/2023

David Knight
David Knight - 290 Views
Published on 27 Jan 2023 / In News and Politics

(Beginning) FDIC Says Public Would Panic If Truth Were Known: FDIC caught talking bank runs, bail-in, financial crash.
- (11:24) Davos: You Have No RIGHT To Own A Car: They said the quiet part aloud.
- (19:22) mRNA Jabs for EVERY Disease, Nanobots to Kill Disease: At least 16 companies are developing nanobots to physically attack or implant chemicals into what they identify as pathogens — what could possibly go wrong?
- (25:58) What's Turning the Frogs Clear?: They have special "superpowers" say "scientists" with blood. Perhaps we should give them some mRNA and watch what happens.
- (32:18) Zelensky: Lifestyles of the Rich & Corrupt: Mr. Z's wife spent $42,000 per hour shopping in Paris. It's just the latest in corruption red flags like luxury villas highlighted in the Pandora Papers.
- (53:20) USMA West Point Captured by CRT Marxists: Even Lincoln is being purged.
- (01:04:34) SpayVac: Smoking Gun for Vax as Human Depopulation?: The company says it's for "humane population control" but if you look at this company, its vaccine and its connection to Pfizer, maybe they mean "human population control".
- (01:22:29) Forget SSRI "Murder/Suicide Pills" — Here's How to Handle Depression: We were designed for companionship, family, society. But that's only part of what we're missing. New study shows the simple thing we're missing.
- (01:33:30) Farmer Gives You The Truth About Egg Shortage: A British farmer took to TikTok to expose the real reason egg shortages are hitting England and it's not because of avian flu.
- (01:43:25) Soaring Eggs Prices Are NOT About Avian Flu: Like the "baby food crisis", it's a tale of consolidation, monopoly and government collusion. As we've seen the FDA is useless. Farmers call upon the FTC to do something. Will they?
- (02:01:22) De-Digitizing Your Car (and Life): Eric Peters,, joins. Simplifying your life for independence and REAL sustainability and durability.

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