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The David Knight Show 27Sep2021 - Unabridged

David Knight
David Knight - 864 Views
Published on 27 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics


3:11 Don’t Give Up: “I Got My Religious Exemption”. Nurse in Wyoming, a listener, writes to say she got her exemption honored by the hospital and helped 7 others as well. But some gave up, thinking it was hopeless. Don’t give up!

9:48 Netherlands pushes back against vaccine passports/mandates.

16:09 New Yorkers protest today’s deadline for jabs. 72,000 hospital staff NOT jabbed — NY Gov says she’ll use National Guard, LOL. At least 3,000 teachers — maybe 8,000?

24:10 Massachusetts State Police lawsuit against forced jab thrown out by judge, but in Florida, a different judge sides with city employees against the mandate

31:21 Romanian Vaccination Campaign FAILS. Romanian govt actually tried to tie their vaccination campaign to Dracula. Romania closes all vaccination centers as people refuse to comply. And National Geographic’s film (hagiography) about Fauci, suffers EPIC FAILURE at the Box Office.

39:17 FDA pushes horse drug (not Ivermectin) as COVID treatment

45:12 Over 3,000 physicians have signed a declaration to fight medical tyranny. Look at the TrumpShot death toll in UK & Australia vs ALL other vaccines for the last 20 yrs combined

52:05 NEXT MONTH: DNA “Vaccine”; Soon, Micro-Robots Deliver Pharma Inside Your Body. After denying, they brag about it. Micro-Robots will be driven by ultra-sound (what about 5G?)

1:14:07 Australian cop resigns, speaks out, tells cops they are enslaving THEMSELVES by following these illegal orders

1:28:00 Today’s vote on the “Infrastructure Bill” will usher in GreatReset if passed. Here’s how it will implement Agenda21/UN 2030…

1:40:12 Trovo banned TheDavidKnightShow today

1:44:01 SUPPLY CHAINS of SLAVERY — Intentional Economic Destruction. It’s not just toilet paper. Energy grid is being dismantled. Mass unemployment for no jab. It’s a malicious plan of slavery — several decades in the making

2:00:57 North Korea portrays Christians as blood sucking monsters — literally. Biden portrays unvaxed as murders (along with those seeking religious exemption)

2:20:51 Central Bankers & BIS Rolling Out “Digital Cash”. China bans private crypto. USA is moving toward it. BIS (Bank of International Settlement) “central bank of the central bankers” shows how close all nations are to forcing Digital Cash. And this is what it will do…

2:38:11 CIA plot (Pompeo/Trump) to assassinate Assange. Pompeo & CIA so angry about Vault 7 that it wanted to kill. If USA secretly plotted to assassinate Assange. What does that tell us about extradition, a “fair” trial, and the character of Pompeo and Trump?

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Boetie 27 days ago

The tyrants will have to be taken of by any means. It is quite clear now what this is all about.

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