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The David Knight Show 21July2021 - Full Show

David Knight
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Published on 21 Jul 2021 / In News and Politics

Gain of Function? The timeline, NIH documents, and peer scientists and organizations that show that Fauci is not only lying, but a war criminal

“Life’s most important pleasures and opportunities” will “depend on vaccination status” as global politicians admit the agenda Biden is still trying to hide

UK proposes making “embarassing the government” a crime, punishable by 14 yrs in prison

Lawsuit exposes CDC running” separate set of books” on vaccine death tallies

“Pingdemic” — the tyranny of tracking apps is a WORST disruption to supply lines than the lockdown with “essential businesses” allowed to operate

Soros & Gates get in on the ground floor of the next wave of “testing”. It’s NOT philanthropy

TX Democrat “fleebaggers” show Covid spreading from fully vaxxed to other fully vaxxed — and White House admits it’s hiding cases of staff

Are billionaire ego-trips to space the beginning of an era or the continuation of an error of crony capitalism? And, the difference between the Wright brothers and the band of billionaires

3:31 A Timeline of Fauci/NIH Gain of Function Lies. How dare Fauci talk about “safety” when you look at the reckless behavior. It’s not Rand vs Fauci. It’s Fauci vs the record.

29:12 “Molecularly Impossible”: Mr. Science, Fauci, Loses It. Fauci hopes you can’t figure out the definition of “gain of function” (even thought NIH clearly & simply defined it). So he muddies the water with a new term “molecularly impossible”. Do you know what THAT means?

1:16:57 Paul Offit on CNN sold the idea of “herd immunity” by vaccination as stopping the spread of Covid. But the TX Democrat “Fleebaggers” (all double jabbed) tested positive and spread to White House staffers (all double jabbed) as WH admits they don’t report “breakthrough” cases

1:11:32 Gates & Soros Invest in the Future: TESTING. Testing will be the means to lock up people who aren’t sick — and the way for these globalist criminals to get richer

1:25:19 A contact tracing app in the UK is creating worse chaos than the initial lockdown. The press calls it a “pingdemic”. BoJo says on “Freedom Day”, “life’s most important pleasures and opportunities” will “depend on vaccination status”

1:46:37 Those Magnificent Thieves in Their Flying Machines. What’s the difference between the band of billionaires — Bezos, Branson, Musk — and the Wright brothers?

1:56:51 Consumer Reports calls out Tesla for conducting experiments without consent (on highways). Now Tesla’s talking about the long promised tractor trailers on the road.

2:00:46 New Law’s Draconian Threat to Press Aimed at Assange? 14 yrs in prison for “embarrassing the government”

2:19:41 Whistleblower and lawsuit expose a 2nd set of books are being kept on adverse reactions and deaths at CDC — V Safe, in addition to VAERS, and the numbers are sky high

2:36:57 College entrance denied w/o vaccine, FOX news hosts step up the vaccine push, North Carolina county will go door-to-door vaccinating, appellate court reverses DeSantis’ earlier court victory to stop cruise ships mandating vaccines

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