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The David Knight Show 20Sep2021 - Unabridged

David Knight
David Knight - 758 Views
Published on 20 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics


2:49 The BIG Lie About Common Drugs & Fetal Cell Lines. A media campaign to convince those with ethical concerns about the vaccine that it’s nothing unusual and common medicines like aspirin & ibuprofen were developed using aborted babies. The lie is easily debunked.

15:45 Republicans Push Regeneron: Is it Safe? Is it Ethical? The monoclonal antibody sold by Regeneron has become a political football with Republicans pushing it as a safe/ethical alternative to Trump shots while Biden withholds from Florida and other states resisting his mandates. But it has the same issues as the Trump shots

33:16 The bureaucracy is so out of control that a county took the Amish all the way to the Supreme Court to force them to build a water treatment facility — ignoring their “sincerely held religious beliefs”

42:35 Another letter template for religious exemption from a pastor


1:00:00 Bizarre. Breitbart’s Nolte has a new term for anti-vaxers he despises: ATV’s (Anti-Trump-Vaccine). He thinks vaccine hesitancy is a conspiracy pushed on conservatives by the left.

1:11:32 Australia WAR: Brutal, Violent, Oppressive — But People Resisting. Thousands of aggressive cops, needlessly and brutally violent. Home visits to intimidate people over social media posts. But trucker strike is having a big effect even if government-controlled media doesn’t report.

1:30:50 Massive protests in NYC. Businesses refuse to discriminate

1:38:06 UN ignores Mayor De Blasio’s vaccine mandates — it’s MORE than just a story elitist hypocrisy, something much more important

1:44:22 “We Won’t Stand Down”: 90,000 Football Fans Taunt Dictators. Around the world — we’ve had enough. From American college football fans to Nigel Farage calling out phony “conservatives” in the UK

1:56:46 Trump’s FDA Commissioner, Gottlieb (now at Pfizer), admits “6 foot rule” is arbitrary and capricious

2:03:18 Doug Wilson on “7 Ways to Prepare Your Family for What’s Coming"

2:16:47 Trump is working to remove McConnell. As bad as Mitch is, nothing was EVER done to protect the border. Greece & Hungary somehow managed to do it b/c they don’t have a Pentagon military industrial complex at war with its own people

2:19:25 Biden’s “infrastructure” plan will accelerate the financial and moral bankruptcy of America

2:28:55 Clarence Thomas defends Supreme Court, says we “must be careful that we don’t destroy our institutions”. But SCOTUS has been destroyed from the inside and we’re in the midst of a Fourth Turning. Institutions have already failed — the fight is over who will rebuild them and with what principles will they be rebuilt?

2:37:05 The FBI’s rally in DC fails to produce anything but unintended comedy and ridicule of the press and government

2:40:27 Surprised? Tim Cook at Apple, Disney facing disgruntled employees exploited by the greedy mega-multi-nationals. Technocratic tyranny begins with unmitigated greed, contempt for their own employees and ends with global governance by these multi-nationals

2:51:20 Even floating matter in the vaccines vials is dismissed. But at FDA hearing for approval for “boosters”, this truth bomb dropped…

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Boetie 1 month ago

He said: "Do not do to others what you don't want to be done to you." The "forgiveness" he referred to, means putting oneself in the position of others, and refraining from forcing others to do what one does not want to do. This is a basic principle for conducting oneself I life and dealing with affairs.

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