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The David Knight Show 19Oct21 - Unabridged

David Knight
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Published on 19 Oct 2021 / In News and Politics


1:58 Colin Powell Dies: Iraq War WMD Lies & “Preemptive War”. A preemptive war over a FAKE threat based on torture. Powell’s life reflects the national tragedy of what USA has become. Now Leana Wen, former Planned Parenthood CEO blames unvaxed as WMD’s but the end of his life is a picture of the FAKE threat of the pandemic and the “preemptive war” of governments against their own people today

17:51 MP Assassination Used to Push End of Anonymity on Internet. After Somalian terrorist (whose father worked for Somalian govt in 1990s like Ilhan Omar’s father, both fleeing to the West in the 1990s) kills MP, the UK govt wants to use the tragedy to BAN ANONYMITY on the internet as in China. Microsoft created a coalition to tie ALL internet content to the creator in Feb 2021.

24:15 New Jan6 footage shows cops calmly opening doors; Judge excoriates DC jail for denying medical treatment to Jan6 prisoner; more revelations about FBI “sting”; Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Chicago, calls police union “INSURRECTIONISTS” for refusing vax mandate

34:47 Why Are Conservatives Pushing to Gag Churches? Judge Orders Pastor to Recite Govt Warning. Pastor Artur Pawlowski is ordered by judge to recite a a statement praising health dictators every time he speaks. And in the USA, partisanship has blinded conservatives. They’re clutching their pearls about an illegal, unconstitutional toothless threats in an IRS rule. The IRS is afraid to enforce it, but conservatives demand they do in order to attack Kamala Harris.

47:14 Hypersonic Missile Surprise or Hype for Arms Race? Was military industrial complex caught by surprise or do “we welcome competition” as Jen Psaki said? Hold on to your checkbook as a new black hole of spending opens up for the Pentagon

1:00:15 Canada Apologizes for Using Dummy to Push Panic. NBC fact-checks Fauci over sports stadiums as “super-spreaders”. CBC shows fake ICU footage with a dummy in bed, Canada has actually REDUCED the number of ICU beds (during the “pandemic”)

1:11:28 “Coffee Cup Gestapo” in Australia. Walking outside alone in a park drinking coffee (mask down)? Let me check that cup to see if there’s coffee inside

1:19:27 The word “spooky” is being banned in Scotland by the speech police without any evidence of it being used in at least the last 60 yrs in a racist context

1:23:04 “Gender Baptism” pushed by a “Christian” school, re-baptizing children when they “change genders”

1:25:42 Georgia school gives students an assignment about cannibalism of babies. Don’t worry they say, it’s satire. No, it’s normalization of one of the last taboos

1:39:21 INTERVIEW: Vax/Fetal Ethical Issues MUCH BIGGER Than 1963 Cell Lines. Ongoing murder-for-hire by NIH & FDA, murder for #BigPharma R&D/testing of COVID vaccines and Regeneron Monoclonal. Julie Collorafi

2:04:59 More deaths of teens shortly after vaccination, but Full WARP SPEED ahead on approval. Boosters approved, Moderna’s ClotShot put on short hold to feign concern.

2:19:10 BREAKING: Southwest will give more time (past December 8 deadline) to employees who’ve filed religious exemption. This is your strongest argument and basis for lawsuit if ignored

2:27:48 LISTENER sends flyer: Boeing employees in St. Louis organizing a walk-out/push-back on jab mandates tomorrow. Union pushes against employees

2:31:47 Over 20 MILLION people have left jobs since employers starting mandating jabs in April. ZERO REPORTING of global protests again vaccine mandates worldwide

2:39:13 Biden Threatens Navy SEALS: Repay Training & Bonuses IF You Don’t Take Jab. Meanwhile, “Rachel” Devine, Biden’s favorite transgender promoted to be the nation’s “FIRST FEMALE Four Star Admiral”. He’s a man.

2:42:37 Australian politician warns parents their children are about to be rounded up and jabbed w/o parental consent (as happened once before already). Four Australian politicians refused entry into legislative building b/c they refuse on principle to show vax status (they are jabbed)

2:46:57 GOOD NEWS: Nebraska Attorney General gives legal protection to doctors prescribing Ivermectin & HCQ with “informed consent” of patients

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