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The David Knight Show 16Apr2021 - Full Show

David Knight
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Published on 16 Apr 2021 / In News and Politics

INTERVIEW: Ammon Bundy - PeoplesRights.org

CEO of Pfizer now dictates we will get his jab annually

KY Gov — lockdown until virtually EVERYONE vaccinated

Fauci’s Gain of Function experiments getting attention in mainstream as NIH moves to man-monkey transhumanism experiments

Jordan & Scalise scold Fauci — avoiding THE issue

Small church, meeting outdoors, pastors arrested in Finland

2nd country bans AstraZeneca

3:34 Fauci NIH “Nazi” Institute of Health: From Bioweapons to Transhumanism

28:59 After Arkansas legislature overrides Gov Hutchinson (R) to stop sexual mutilation and puberty blocking of minors, Alabama offers similar legislation

39:14 $BILLION per Mile? And They Want to Tax Us by the Mile? NONE of this is about transportation or saving the environment — it’s about control & surveillance

1:02:32 Pelosi says we need more judges because we have more people? THAT is an argument for packing the House — going back to the Constitution to have 1 Congressional representative for every 50,000 people (that would give us 6,600)

1:30:13 Jim Jordan begs Fauci for liberty while agreeing with him on the pandemic. All sound and fury signifying nothing

1:54:33 WYMT reports Kentucky Gov Beshear says lockdown until 98% vaccinated (no more than 50,000 out of 2.5 Million)

2:02:40 INTERVIEW: Ammon Bundy, PeoplesRights.org: Martial Law, Jury Trials Suspended in Republican Idaho

2:05:42 How the Federal govt BOUGHT the lockdown & pandemic with BILLIONS given directly to governors as the Idaho governor’s written decree explains

2:36:25 ObamaCare on Steroids: CEO Tells You When & What Jabs You MUST Have

2:47:23 NPR Tries to Demonize and Demonetize An0maly — How dare a hip hop artist get more traction telling the truth than the Coincidence Theorists!

2:59:22 Blood on Their Hands: 21 Yr Old Dies, 43 Yr Old Father of 7 Paralyzed

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Crash45 26 days ago

I had mad respect for jim jordan. but, why play their game. is this the same runaround that we saw against james comey and rosenstein where he goes out there and says whats on peoples minds but in the end its just a theater trick?

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Warren West
Warren West 26 days ago


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Warren West
Warren West 26 days ago

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Warren West
Warren West 26 days ago

Poison mercury vaccines, what do you not understand? [email protected]

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