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The David Knight Show 14Sep2021 - Part 2 of 2

David Knight
David Knight - 349 Views
Published on 14 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics


0:00 “Jurassic Park” Mad Science: Resurrect Mammoths to Stop Global Warming. Resurrecting the Wooly Mammoth is going to stop global warming says a well-funded “scientist”. More climate change lunacy but the scary thing is these idiots are doing genetic editing.

15:15 MasterCard & UN Team Up To Limit Your Spending. They’ll monitor your carbon impact with every purchase and then stop you buying when you reach your limit. Prelude to digital cash controls

18:47 Taliban is bringing back the “Ministry of Virtue” that chops off hands & stones people. And they’re smashing grand pianos and every kind of musical instrument

24:17 Democrats want $3 Trillion in new taxes, here’s where they want to get it

42:20 A look at which states are resisting Biden’s mandates — and what they propose to do about it

1:14:54 When Did Ben Shapiro, Vaccine Cheerleader, Change? Did He Change? For years he attacked parental rights, informed consent, medical & religious exemptions. But now he and the Daily Wire are going to protect your informed consent?

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SolarKings 8 days ago

Love you, David.

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David Bellamy on Global Warming_480p.mp4
Slawomir Slowianin