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The CRASH of Texas | What the Media ISN'T Telling YOU!!

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Published on 25 Feb 2021 / In News and Politics

Many Utility Bills went from $50.00 per Month to $5,000, 10,000, 15,000 + for ONLY 5 days! We are about to witness the CRASH of Texas. Here is what the Media isn't telling you! Add me on insta @thisisjohnwilliams

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Many people don't see whats really happening in Texas. We are about to witness the biggest transfer of wealth in human history in Texas. When we see utility bills soar like this due to the power grid due to the energy crisis, this will force people to consider solar and other green energy solutions.. All predicted by you know who.. We will see many home foreclosures come to Texas as the entire state's economy is essentially supported by fossil fuels in some way shape or form. If we lose that source of state revenue, the state will likely fall apart. I see Texas as potentially being the first state to fall...

This is a once an a life time opportunity for real estate investors and real estate entrepreneurs to really study, learn and focus on their strategy.. This once and a life time opportunity to invest in real estate will not be here forever. The smart investors will be ready, willing and able to pounce on great real estate deals when they present themselves.

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