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The Brain and the Soul

Resurrection Life of Jesus Church
Published on 08 Feb 2023 / In Spiritual

The human body and its brain are neither good nor evil. The soul with its spirit body is the real you, provides the personality to the body, and where your spiritual mind resides.

All your talents, intelligence, feelings and memories are stored there. Satan will therefore direct his attacks against the soul, which creates sickness in the physical body. This means you need to put on spiritual armor because physical weapons cannot be used to fight against Satan and his demons.

God created the body with a built-in healing system; however, when Adam’s spirit died and his soul was contaminated by sin, sickness began to manifest itself in the human body. Family, friends, neighbors and co-workers can cause soul damage.

A soul that is wounded will cause the immune system to operate improperly. This means if your soul is unhappy, it will hinder the body from being healed and sickness has a root which can be traced back to the soul.

The medical establishment can only address the symptoms but they are unable to treat the root cause. Medication will mask the pain but it does not provide the cure for a wounded soul. Only Jesus can be the healer of your soul!
Sermon Outline:

Sickness and Soul Damage
Part 5: The Brain and the Soul

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