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The Antichrist Has Been Revealed (But People Don't See It)

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Published on 20 Mar 2023 / In News and Politics

Tim Cohen provides undeniable proof of the identity of the antichrist.
Here's the link to watch my first interview with Tim Cohen:

Called by God in 1987 to be “him who has understanding” (Rev 13:18)—while a USAF Academy cadet—Timothy Cohen is today an internationally known Christian author, speaker, and teacher. He has researched and written what many are now coming to view as Christendom’s foremost prophetic and ¬theological works (Rev 19:10), to ¬include “The AntiChrist and a Cup of Tea”; “Israel, ‘Peace’ and the Coming World War: The Great Tribulation is Near”; and the “Messiah, History, and the Tribulation Period” multi-volume series, as well as others. See publisher Prophecy House, Inc. at

Tim Cohen's Telegram:
Identity of the AntiChrist:
Red Horse Prophecy: War with North Korea and Iran:
Life on Mars:
Life on the Moon:

Tim Cohen's You Tube channel: "AuthorTimCohen"

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Ippolitto 2 months ago

This man has no understanding biblically. He does not use the Holy Bible. The book of the Revelation Is divided in Two. The Chapter 12 STARTS retelling thefirst 11 chapters. Chapter12 IS SYMBOLIC.

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