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Texas Outlaw
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Published on 29 Sep 2023 / In Non-profits and Activism

She does a great job, touching on all points!
You must remember that every 100 years, for at least the past 300 years anyway,
there is a mass genocide event!
It may be framed as an illness or an "outbreak" but it's a culling of humanity!
And I for one, say it's time to put an end to it, and to those responsible!

We must come together and realize that the corporate "governments"
of the world are in on it, and are controlled by the world banks!

The Judiciary of every country is also in on it!
So is the medical establishment!

I once heard a tale that after Jews had been ejected from 192 countries for
committing evil and unspeakable acts like child sacrifice, they planned
to "Take over the world" and "getting even" by taking control of Banking, governments, the Law, and the Medical industry...

Have they succeeded? is that what this is?
I know that that corporate powers control all of these things!
The BAR Association controls all Judges and Lawyers, and most business!

The banks control the politicians and the corporations.
And the medical establishment is also under the control of
their minions!

They all work together to keep society enslaved and to cull the herd
every 100 years! And it is time we stop allowing them to slaughter us and our children! It's time for accountability for ALL OF THEM!

A judge who let's criminals walk in COMPLICIT in the crime, as is a prosecutor!
These "courts" operate under "Admiralty Law" which required your CONSENT!

We live on the LAND, so why are our courts operating under
Maritime Admiralty Law? Because we've been scammed by Evil men!

It's time rectify the situation and convert our courts to COMMON LAW
courts to deal with MEN and WOMEN, and not "Legal Fictions"

Research what I'm telling you!
Watch David Straight and Ron Gibson's class on land patents!
Watch "The Occult Art of Law" and subscribe to the "Justinian Deception" !

Stay vigilant and rescind all contracts with the state!
DO NOT declare yourself a "US Citizen" (A SLAVE who consents)

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Live and speak the TRUTH!

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