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Tesla's Vortex Mathematics The Importance of 369 And 1.618

bodhi_mantra - 1,529 Views
Published on 30 Apr 2018 / In Film and Animation

I am trying to get as much information as I can on the significance of this. I am a Buddhist so I have always known this simply mathematically proves the yin and yang meaning the duality is a singularity and the singularity is a duality. However I am also trying to find practical applications of this knowledge to share with you all. Einstein is wrong about relativity. Matter is an illusion, its structure is dictated purely by frequency as the Hutchison effect shows by changing that frequency we can transmutate objects. Crystalline molecular structures have a big part to do with this which is why they made the pyramids out of calcium carbonate (limestone).

Also just like Vortex mathematics I want to bring you all the practical applications of 1.618. There is no question of the significance of this number as it represents perfection in our universe (see the video on sacred geometry) but how do we harness it's secrets? I am certain it is applied in the anti-gravity, zero point energy with sonic resonance, but how they were able to do this in ancient times without advanced equipment to reach these frequencies is the trick to figure out. Applying this value to harmonic frequencies I imagine will be quite interesting.

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