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TASA - Sept 06, 2021 - 8) Peace has been declared! No more War! Peace Proclamation Part 1 - Justice Anna Webinar

Published on 11 Oct 2021 / In Non-profits and Activism

We are a head of Everyone forming our Lawful Government. The Civil War era has been ended. The Abraham Lincoln 101 executive order is NO More Valid, and all the executive orders followed after him up to the current CEO Joe Biden are invalid. All presidents of either Municipal or Territorial governments executive orders are canceled and don't apply anymore to promote anymore Wars. The Insurance and Bankruptcy fraud is the core of all type of wars, it's one of the worst legalized gambling ever recorded. Armies around the world are considered a huge insurance corporations by criminal banking cartel. How and why 450 government agencies exist in the U.S, Inc. The so called Department of Justice was established to serve the Rats of Banking criminal cartel. The FBI is just a sub-sub-sub-contractor corporation belong the Pope, British Monarchy, and the Major of London. All those corporate agencies and the so called parties are all in bed together deceiving people since 160 years. For more

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