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Tarot Scorpio - December 2021 - Time and Attention Needed

Sayre Seer Tarot
Sayre Seer Tarot - 169 Views
Published on 06 Dec 2021 / In Entertainment

This reading is for Scorpio for December 2021 or anytime you view this video. Spirit works in interesting ways. We are all on different time lines, I try to go with the flow in this type of situation.

Tarot readings are for introspection and entertainment purposes only. Please tap like and subscribe if this resonates with you. Thank you for stopping by.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Mine is not to question why, mine is just too do or die…

What a stupid mantra!!!

Knowing WE ARE and THEY LIVE is and are in Purgatory, and that Purgatory will be Purgatory, at least in these Days of Noah ONE LAST TIME, we can Question the NARRATIVE of every Religion too die for Ink on Paper books wrote by Mankind too blame THE GOD IN TRUST for all our woes, and though The Cursed, The Damned, and The Forsaken cannot Question anything with their fake space moon landings, all war is so those whom live off of our Donations and Voluntary action can say; Go kill them because Their Flag is NOT our Flag, and I will live like a King or Queen while youm die for my needs Plebe and Pleb whose TAXES you employ me too tell you my EMPLOYER to do such things…

This is the reason you have NO Food, nor Drink in your Belly!!! This is why you are rounded up by the World Police of Peacekeepers for the U.S. Military!!!

This is why there are JAILS and Prisons for the RULE OF LAW that youm employ throws you away because you PAY THEM those Very Taxes that means you employ "them" too tell you what to do because YOU want a New TV Screen in your Room!!!

The Rag Tag Rebellion “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition Stratocracy….

Flowers instead of FLAGS Muther Fucker!!!

Flowers instead of CORPORATION Flags…..

The Society of non-mason~

#LowKARG ?

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