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Targeting Families: Former Sex Educator Exposes Horror Aimed at Children

TwoFeather - 7,568 Views
Published on 02 Dec 2022 / In News and Politics

Children are being targeted and groomed for sexual activity by "sex educators" and "comprehensive sexuality education" pushed by Planned Parenthood and the LGBT movement, explained former sex educator turned whistleblower Monica Cline. Initially, she believed the lies pushed by those promoting the sexualization of children, who claimed this was to help the children be healthy. However, she eventually realized she had been deceived and had to expose what was happening to America's youth. The ultimate agenda is the dismantling of family and the replacing of parents by government, Cline said.

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StorieTimes 2 months ago

Adults should actively protect kids, not exploiting them for their own agenda and needs! We are living in a sick world right now.

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Hot Wheeling
Hot Wheeling 2 months ago

You take God out of the family, it is easier to destroy and manipulate the kids or anyone for that matter. Evil knows what it is doing in trying to destroy the family.

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WilD0n3 2 months ago

Kids should not be exposed to sexual items until they are not old enough to understand what is going on. Kids are not mature enough to understand! We need more parents involved in what is going on in their kids lives. Parents need to have these conversation about sex with their kids.

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TwoFeather 2 months ago

exactly, those queers exposing themselves is pornography

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