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TANTURA - Documentary full movie exposing Zionist crimes (English/Arabic) subtitles.Israel-Palestine

AnonArrow2 - 916 Views
Published on 06 Dec 2023 / In News and Politics

“TANTURA” - the Zionist Massacre of 1948
Documentary movie, is about the Palestinian village
where has been ethnic cleansing committed on Palestinians in 1948, and Tantura village is only one of many villages massacred by the Zionist occupation.



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truthtower 3 months ago

A lot of views.....for only one "thumbs up". That's ok..... I forgot to be scared of jew impersonators(ex. "Netanyahu actually Meileikowsky, a descendant of Japheth....NOT FROM SHEM, whom ALL JEWS must be descended from to be jewish).
Israel literally means "Jacob" son of Isaac, son of Abraham. And if you're not a descendant from that unique bloodline, you are a "Goy"(non-Jew, non-descendant of Jacob). Zionists hate Jews while using their heritage to exploit and plunder the world. If you dig may discover that there is NO BELIEF IN GOD associated with Zionists. They are pagans.
That is why killing and plundering comes so naturally to them. They reject God, so.....they reject Consequence for evil.
In the midst of chaos, always return to the beginning. Know the TRUE STATE of all involved. This can provide a clearer assessment of what to expect from the players. Defense Begins With Knowledge Of The Threat.
Fear God Alone, live Right and be Blessed for that.

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