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Taking off Izhmash Saiga Front Sight Block discussion Episode: 1 🇷🇺

Cav Trooper 19D
Cav Trooper 19D - 166 Views
Published on 01 Feb 2023 / In Firearms

Obviously the best thing to do is to let a certified gunsmith do this work. This is for those that have the means, know how, and wanting to save a few dollars the ability to do so another way. This video is an overview of the tools needed, how we achieve FSB removal with said tools, and details on both latter and Front Sight Block choices. Most importantly how to remove front sight block without a 12 ton press. Next video on this will show the actual execution of the overview spoken.

HHT, Headquarters and Headquarters Troop (Patreon):

*Pipe cutter used is Ridgid No.15 pipe cutter.
Ridgid cutting wheel model No. E-1240. This was also used and meant for Steel and Stainless Steel tubing. That cutting wheel is a specialty cutter and does not come stock in pipe cutters. Most come with a cutter for copper pipe which WILL NOT work. While most home supply stores and more so plumbing supply stores will have this in stock. I found them on the internet as well, obviously. A plumbing supply store will be cheapest bet.

**this video is based on the changing to the 24mm FSB, one piece, threaded unit that is installed over the 14mm barrel. Since most are going for the AK-100 series look. You can always keep in same configuration and use a standard FSB. If you don’t have threads though underneath your shroud, you’ll have to thread it yourself with tools off of Carolina Shooting Supplies. Best way is to remove barrel and put on lathe, but now we’re getting into a bigger project outside the scope of this video. Thats why i like the all inclusive unit 24mm thread FSB. In my opinion the best way to get a threaded front sight that can carry a cleaning rod as well. I prefer the 24mm thread base myself. Like most AK-74 and AK-100 series have gone to. The rifle will be a complete AK-103 conversion.

***this video does NOT show the change of firearm mechanically. Only Cosmetics.

**** Rifle - Izhmash Concern, IZ-132 (d. configuration), 7.62x39, (2009 production rifle)

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