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Suspicious Occult Coincidences Notre Dame Arson Fire in Paris related to Freemason Knights-Templars

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Published on 27 Dec 2020 / In Film and Animation

THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES IN THE SATANIC REALM! Everything is related to numbers, dates, personalities, places, etc.; all these not very coincidences of the dates, places and names, I just gave you here will lead you to the arson incendiaries.
For total understanding: video "The Swiss Beast - Home of the Devil":

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JamesRoss 3 years ago

I am going to analyze your video.
I am not defying that the wwCult(thUg network) is not behind the burning of Notre Dame. You do not know if Demolay died at the stake, just like you don't know that good women were condemned to be misdiagnosed as witches to be burned at the stake by the wwCult. When I hear idiots claiming the witch burnings should be re-instated... these are likely thUgs from the Mystery School Cult!
You need to understand that the Knights Templar nor the Freemasons are smart enough to manifest the agenda from antiquity to Agenda21 and Agenda2020. Masons are pathetic followers of orders given to them from the ancient thUgs called Homo capensis.
Homo capensis play the role of the devil in the manipulated holy bible.
Yes, the holy, holy bible is just a book that the ancient thUgs have manipulated to play upon simple minds.
Are you a simple mind?
Well, we humans are a young and naive species, let me tell you.
The ancient thUgs, Homo capensis, are extremely old and covet their knowledge like a sword of invincibility. .. but they are a dead species and thUs they hate our new Homo sapiens species.

Your time to awaken is before you before you die as a thUg... thUgs...
As for the innocent, the meek shall gain this world,
thankyou very much.

At 1:14 no... Demolay was likely not burned at the stake. I rather see that the Mystery School Cult has fabricated his death so as the Ancient Homo capensis thUgs will have greater control over their minions giving them a fake-hatred to the "Mob" of profane.

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