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Stirling Engine Generator - 6 Hour Endurance run! Part 11

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Published on 01 Oct 2022 / In People and Blogs

Great day at Sticker Vintage Rally & Country Fayre running the stirling engine generator

The engine runs but hour long will it last? Well , we ran it for a total of 10 hours over the weekend and its still holding up!

To see other videos of the Mk2 stirling engine:

0:00 Start-up
1:22 Electric load explanation
3:23 Shutdown
4:12 Conclusion

We've pretty much proven in previous videos the electrical power output of this engine isn't much to sing about!

In this video we hope to test the longevity of the mechanics to see if anything fails

I'm glad to report that the engine was running just as well at the end of the day! It was a fairly warm day 28C with a light breeze.
My main concern was the cooling radiator wouldn't be enough to keep the cold side cold but this proved to not be a problem. The cooling water temp never reached more than about 25C.
We mostly ran it on coal for convenience and to keep the smoke down for our fellow exhibiters!

From now on I'll run this engine as a bit of fun and a demonstration exhibit for other fairs/rallies were going to.

If anyone's got some great ideas for fun things that the engine can run that would be great? I have access to a small centrifugal fan that I could use?

If you need to contact me:
[email protected]

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