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Steel Challenge: 2018 East Coast Steel Challenge Championship

Jeremy "BigDawgBeav" Beaver
Published on 24 Sep 2018 / In Firearms

Steel Challenge: 2018 East Coast Steel Challenge Championship... We aolways have a great time at this match. I shot 3 guns this year: RFPO, RFPI, and CO. I tanked with my Rimfire Irons and Carry Optics. So no point in even showing those videos. My Rimfire Open was about the same it usually is. I did pick up a couple of personal bests, most notably I gained 1.5 seconds on Outer Limits... Felt good!

I shot staff day on Thursday and then again on Friday, then worked the rest of the match. Picked up some great stuff from the prize table.

My finishes:
RFPO: 38 of 96
RFPI: 10 of 22
CO: 14 of 16 (not a good day, but not last!)

Thank you to Dave Snyder and the rest of the match staff. Thank you to my fellow RO's. It was also great meeting Brian Conley of Hunters HD Gold, Kruzer and Kurt Grimes!

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