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Star Wars tried to warn us!

Vicious Alien Klown
Vicious Alien Klown - 164 Views
Published on 24 Dec 2023 / In Film and Animation

Star Wars is one of the most popular sci fi franchises on the planet. The first 3 movies are considered to be the best. The Prequels were good but now well received by some fans. They claimed it was too "political" for them. The story line warned of how a democracy can lose it self through manipulation and deceit. This is a comparison video of George Lucas' second trilogy and how it eerily similar to what's happening today in the western world.

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Wak_Cackle 5 months ago

The video doesn't address the hidden hands that have been moving our society since Blavatsky. Research since the 1800s, and then research Babylon.

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Vicious Alien Klown
Vicious Alien Klown 5 months ago

Kazarian Jews

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