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Stallman Free Software 2014 Another Defender of the Freedom of People from Freemasonry

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Published on 14 Nov 2022 / In People and Blogs

Yet Freemasons put him into a TedTalkGeneva to mock( Switzerland is the "Refuge" of the Templars) the Sheeple throwing away their freedom for SMART gadgets. Oblivious sheep browsing the grasses with minds controlled by psychopaths with NWO slaughterhouses.

We don't give him enough credits than he deserves. People know Linux runs 75% of the internet, Linux wouldn't have existed if GNU didn't start, and this guy started it. He is the grandfather of Linux and people don't know it.

382,647 views Jun 12, 2014
It is the first TEDx talk of the founder of Free Software movement. Stallman, RMS for short, has changed the world with his vision of freedom for the digital age. He launched the GNU operating system, used with Linux as a component, and inspired the development of Creative Commons licences and Wikipedia project. In this talk, Stallman describes how nonfree programs give companies control of their users and what users can do in order to recover control over their computing.



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