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Spiritual Warfare Bible Study Series - The Helmet

SJWellFire: Final Days Report
Published on 06 Aug 2023 / In Spiritual

Satan will without a doubt attack your mind witch will have devastating consequences on your heart. And you or I will not have res. Have you ever met believers who are always restless and nervous? I know that if you dig deeper into their lives you will find very litle personal Bible study and repentance. Oh they may to church and listen to sermons. They may listen to Christian music, they may pray, they may have Chistian friends, this is all good. But, if we neglect personal Bible study where we are seek to do God’s will, letting God speak to us through the word of God via the Holy spirit. Taking time out of our day to know what God says. If we fail to do this, Satan and his demons will have us as an easy target. I myself have to be prepared everyday lest I give the devil a foothold. We will not stand in the spiritual battle without Christ. Ignore Scripture in your personal life would be disastrous. Notice what Paul says back in Ephesians 6:11 and vs 13 – Put on the whole armor of God. Not just par or some of the armor but the whole. The whole. The whole. We are not suited up for battle with the sword of the spirt which is the word of God. If we are partially dressed.
When Satan comes we must have the word of god at the ready.
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