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Speech to Biden Supporters (4 Welp oh Well)

Wicked Uncle Dutch
Wicked Uncle Dutch - 236 Views
Published on 02 Jan 2021 / In Comedy

Just a speech of a Biden "Supporter" for some of the 15,000 (at least) Hard core Biden Supporters.

Specially posted for @Welp Oh Well who thinks that the MSM are the ones calling an election and that a PREDICTION has the same validity as the official confirmation that the states need to agree on and send to DC.

Say Hello to @Welp Oh Well !

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2guntony 23 days ago

Now That’s Funny. But Shamefully True.

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Lkysht 23 days ago

So true and so sad. I hope the dead gets there big $600.00 stimulus checks. Could be more but the Democrats gave $700.00 billions to foreign country's. When Americans need help now!!

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