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Special Resurrection 144 000 Day Hour Known Open Space Of Orion Slaves Not Resurrected

Published on 19 Oct 2021 / In Spiritual

10 18 2021
We are now standing on the threshold of great and solemn events. A crisis is before us, such as the world has never witnessed. Eternity stretches before us. The curtain is about to be lifted.

Our purpose for existence as a ministry is to prepare a people to stand true to God when judgment shifts from the dead to the living at the passing of a National Sunday Law.

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"God's purpose in giving the third angel's message to the world is to prepare a people to stand true to Him during the investigative judgment. This is the purpose for which we establish and maintain our publishing houses, our schools, our sanitariums, hygienic restaurants, treatment rooms, and food factories. This is our purpose in carrying forward every line of work in the cause." {1MR 228.2}

Get ready! Get ready! Get ready!
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