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Special Report: Clif High Forecasts the Great Awakening

Sean Morgan
Sean Morgan - 57,875 Views
Published on 09 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics

In this Special Report From Sean Morgan, he and Paul Furber interview Clif High about his linguistics based software forecasting and Clif’s insight into the coming showdown between the White Hats (That he calls the SOC, Self Organizing Collective) and the Deep State. Its all about awakening the consciousness of humanity to their sovereignty and overcoming sociopathic mind control techniques. Clif covers it all in this episode from industrialized pedophilia, torture, and organ harvesting to the specific groups that encompass the deep state and the good news that their days are numbered. Clif believes the great awakening is already unfolding and will hit a crescendo in the coming months but could take years to fully happen. Get all the details by watching the episode now.

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Adam Billiot
Adam Billiot 4 days ago

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whitmann 15 days ago

The compulsive liar and charlatan is crypto scammer, pump and dump with his mate Bix Wier and his only bloody god is Mammon...

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joeholly 15 days ago

Shove it up your ass!

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Rio Getredy
Rio Getredy 16 days ago

Go back to the pub...

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theoutlander 16 days ago

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