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South Africa "Kill the Boer" Song; Farage Issues Rallying Cry on Banking, Australia Going Cashless World News 8/6/23

Resistance Chicks
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Published on 06 Aug 2023 / In News and Politics

Weekly World News Report- Elon Musk and the NYT weigh in on a controversial political song sung in South Africa with defenders saying the song about the Boers is simply historical and not a call to violence. The numbers about South African farmers paint a different story. Money Money Money- Farage is not letting the banks off easy as he is not just taking on those who debanked him. Nigel says Banks are working with credit agencies to roll out “word checks” of social media accounts to assess how worthy of banking facilities members of the public are, in his new freedom of speech campaign Meanwhile, The BRICS nations are making gold king, Australia is making the move for a cashless society, and Austria’s leader is proposing to enshrine in the country´s constitution a right to use cash All this as poor Justin Trudeau announces his wife is leaving him. I wonder why. All of that and much more in this week's TOP World News Stories!

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