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Somewhere in time.JFK restored video tape declares war with the NWO

The Power Of Zero
The Power Of Zero - 102 Views
Published on 22 Oct 2020 / In News and Politics

Did you know that JFK declared we are in a cold war with a secret cabal of globalists?
Did you know he identified them pervasive and their tactics?

Did you know he set into motion a series of plans of actions to stop them? He could not of been more clear, or forceful on how dangerous they are.

He called them a National security threat.

Everything he said they are, is occurring before your eyes in full-force. If Trump wasn't here. You would already be Goyim or for MasonSpeak they call you "the Profane"

Why didn't the course of American history change after this speech?

This speech was buried and revised in the years to come. The next time it surfaced we were in the digital age and somebody came along and "Revised" it!
This video has been carefully "un-revised" by combining a unadulterated audio track and synchronized with the video portion.

Unfortunately JFK mixed humor and witty banter with the seriousness of his message. He ended up diluting his own message! I have cut all the frivolous banter out of this version that he would of also if he wasn't worried about setting off a national panic!

If you wish to hear the re-dubbed version but in all it's unadulterated glory. See my video "Somewhere in time JFK speech" Part 1 There you can see exactly where the video was cut along with more detailed comments.

Why is this so important all of a sudden? Because we are in the end-game stage of this Cabal. And that by proving that the "deep-state" not only exists but was acted upon by a sitting president.

By finally acknowledging the who, what and where of this cabal is not a conspiracy nut's invention. You can get your friends and family to watch and get them out of their dream-state!

To see Part 1 click on my channel name for a list of my videos
Feel free to copy and re-upload and/or share this link.

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