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SOG Aegis knife Update by Nutnfancy

Nutnfancy - 1,307 Views
Published on 05 Apr 2018 / In Knives

A quick look and observation on the Satin finished SOG Aegis tactical folder. Still a great knife in any coloration but the jimping on this version, due to the polishing process, is not as sharp as the black TiNi coated blades. Some careful block sanding with some 400 to 600 grit auto sandpaper (to square the edges) might make the jimping have some "bite" again. But as it comes from the factory, the jimping kind of sucks on this version and SOG should fix that.

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According2Luke 1 year ago

I'm here for you Nutn. Just saw your Youtube Cancel video. Long live the republic!

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RedCowboy 1 year ago

How tough is it ? Can you stab a tree stump and twist it without any deformation at the articulation point ? Some real rough use testing would be nice, also would like to see if from all angles such as looking into the lockup. Thanks and I hope these other outlets grow.

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AbolutelyNoOne 1 year ago

Came over because of the YouTube cancel culture Video. Thank you, Sir!

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