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SMOKING GUN VIDEO Fauci Project Manager Confesses to Creating Covid-19.mp4

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Published on 05 Jun 2021 / In Travel and Events

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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 2 months ago

GEORGE WEBB, incredible investigative reporter told us nearly 1.5 years ago. No one listened. His channel was among the 1st to be taken down from Youtube. Ft Detrick was our bio weapons lab. They told Fauci to "Get it out of here" as it was too dangerous (They have since closed). It was taken up through Canada & on to China.
& this FAKE worldwide pandemic has been in the makings for years. In 2008, Fauci gathered together a little medical team to research the Spanish Flu. He concluded that MILLIONS OF PPL DID NOT DIE FROM THE FLU, most of them died from bacterial lung infections FROM WEARING MASKS. THERE WAS NO ANTI-BIOTICS AVAILABLE / NOT INVENTED & OUT TO THE PUBLIC UNTIL 1938. So now you see why he said to wear a mask after having mistakenly said they do no good? Then he said to wear 2?? Then he decided this would not be over until 2025, then he said...... Like his buddy Bill, saying NOTHING will return to normal until everyone on the planet has been injected...
He is close friends w Gates, who is a eugenicist & has publicly stated that about 90% of us has to go (NWO, Georgia Guidestones, etc) . Google images Fauci & Bill Gates, Bill Gates SR. LONG TIME FRIENDS. Fauci stands to make AT LEAST a 1/2 Billion dollars from the shot, as he holds the patent to a protein in it. Him & Gates have financial interest in Moderna (who, even though in business for 10 years, has NEVER PRODUCED A THING until now... Fauci's wife (another manly looking thing) is Christine Grady, a Nurse Bio-Ethecist in the NIH - high up there. Fauci helped push Moderna's through, & back in Feb, quietly went to congress for the indemnifying / no liability for the "EXPERIMENTAL" SHOT. & Gates? makes 400% profit from his funding/ investment of vaxx's. (search out the interview). Win win for Gates. Also VAERS (which many doctors surprisingly haven't heard of -- Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) estimates they receive maybe 1% of all bad effect reports from the shots -- reports over 4 THOUSAND deaths so far, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF "vaxx" injuries.... yet some toy was recalled today for killing 4 children. 4.
Why are we still being pushed to take this nano poison into our bodies, while Pfizer & Moderna push the FDA for official / commercial approval (so they can continue to bribe lawmakers until it becomes mandatory. THE MRNA ONES. The ones that.... find it yourself. it is all over here & other platforms & I can't stay awake. ...

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