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SINGER CELINE DION slipped calling himself "HIM" and then changed his word... Another BAM for MAG

JamesRoss - 507 Views
Published on 04 Dec 2021 / In Music


How transgenders change their voice to a higher pitch:

I just noticed (later) that in the cover photo he is beginning the devil horns hand sign... this was snapped after he called himself "him"... after the two hands up "3" or "W" masonic pose, woe... Hmmm, part of the agreement, you change your sex for the Luciferian facade... then the Cult wiill help pull the wool over the eyes of the sheep while the deception goes without notice... It must be magikal...

The Luciferians believe Baphamet is the androgynous god... and must think it is special to become like that fiction. I found a group of 5 playing together on a beach in Calgary just this summer and I could tell at least one was hivemind connected by brainchip to the A.I. computer god. They like the hivemind feedback from A.I.Lucifer to determine if they are looking convincing to deceive, I guess.

The singing must be fake, too... wow... The limelight is worse than I thought.

Changing a man's looks:

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