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Shooting M32 Grenade Launchers | Kirsten Joy Weiss & The Gunny (R Lee Ermey) - Ep. 2

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Published on 12 Aug 2020 / In Firearms

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Whats better than shooting a GRENADE LAUNCHER with the GUNNY?? Shooting dual grenade launchers with Gunny!
Pro Shooter Kirsten Joy Weiss shoots grenades alongside R Lee Ermey "The Gunny" (full metal jacket, Mail Call) on Gunny Time & teaches about the M32A1 multi-shot grenade launcher - along with a HUGE explosion of course! See grenade launchers in action

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Gunny has a special surprise for Kirsten as they shoot duel grenade launchers at a bunker down range...

More Gunny & Kirsten Videos: https://youtu.be/uQnqjvuLtAA

R Lee Ermey or "The Gunny", is known for films like Full Metal Jacket and campaigns such as Glock wrong girl and wrong diner. He's hosted TV shows like Mail Call and is an active supporter of the military and marines, being a marine himself.

The Milkor M32 MGL grenade launcher is used by militaries all around the world. The M32A1 is produced by Milkor USA (sister to Vltor weapon systems) , and packs 6 rounds that can be dumped in less than 3 seconds by a skilled operator. It features a revolver like set up and with medium velocity grenades, can reach up to 800 meters with a destruction radius of about 10 meters!

But most importantly, it's fun to shoot :D

Special thanks to the Gunny Time Crew & the Outdoor Channel

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