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SHOCKING Trump Announcement by Attorney General Bill Barr

The Analyst (New Real Media)
Published on 21 Apr 2024 / In News and Politics

Former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr declared Trump’s Manhattan trial an “abomination” and shockingly admitted that he’ll “vote the Republican ticket” in the 2024 presidential election. Remember that AG Barr was one of the strongest Republican critics of President Trump following the events that transpired after Trump left office.
The Hill reports on AG Barr’s unexpected admission:
'Former Attorney General Bill Barr said Wednesday he will vote for the “Republican ticket” in the November presidential election.
“I think it’s my duty to pick the person I think would do the least harm to the country,” Barr said on Fox News’s “America’s Newsroom.” “And in my mind, that’s — I will vote the Republican ticket.” . . .
Barr said Wednesday he thinks “the real danger to the country — the real danger to democracy, as I say, is the progressive agenda.”
“And while … Trump may be playing Russian roulette, but a continuation of the Biden administration is national suicide, in my opinion,” Barr continued.'
Declaring a continuation of the Biden Administration a “national suicide” is as condemning as it gets. Apparently, AG Barr had a “come to Jesus” moment about the upcoming election and now believes that Trump would be a much better option than Biden.
Barr’s comments stem from the ongoing political prosecution against President Trump. Look no further than Trump’s ongoing Manhattan trial, which would be a misdemeanor at worst for an everyday citizen.

As you know, jury selection has been taking place, and many jurors were rejected for saying they couldn’t be impartial in deciding a verdict. But let’s be realistic: How can they find 12 truly impartial jurors unless the jurors have been in a coma for the last eight years?
It’s hard to imagine anyone being completely impartial in a case involving a President. It will be nearly impossible for Trump to get a fair and impartial jury.
The prosecution wants to get this trial over by November . . . just in time for the 2024 presidential election. Normally, a trial of this magnitude would take a long time. So, in other words, it’s obvious election interference.
We also have news about an ongoing debate in the House about three separate funding bills. Many far-Left Representatives don’t want any funding to go to Israel, whereas many conservative Representatives don’t want additional funding for Ukraine. There’s also a bill about sending aid to Taiwan. Speaker of the House Mike Johnson has a tough road ahead of him trying to work through a divided House.
Former U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard joined the broadcast to comment on holding Members of Congress accountable for their spending decisions:
"We all know the reason why the Democrats lump these [bills] together . . . because they are worried that the Ukraine vote might lose. It’s such a dishonest way of policymaking and governing because Members of Congress are then not held accountable for their position on a single issue. They then go back and say, Oh well, I wasn’t really for that, but it had this other really important thing. So I didn’t have a choice on how to vote. . . . I agree that Speaker Johnson made the right decision to have individual debates on each of these [bills] and individual votes. . . . The American people should demand, at a bare minimum, an accounting of the dollars that [Members of Congress] are spending – our taxpayer dollars."
One appalling aspect of the Ukrainian bill is that $300 million has been set aside to help secure the Ukrainian border. Wouldn’t it be nice if Congress spent that same money to secure the southern border back home?
The ACLJ remains steadfast in supporting Israel even if Congress falters. Through the European Centre for Law and Justice (ECLJ), our international affiliate, we just sent a letter to the European Union demanding that they list the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization. Doing so would result in tougher sanctions on Iran.
We’re also about to send critical demand letters to 32 countries next week to defend Israel’s sovereignty rights. We will never stop defending our greatest ally. Join our efforts by signing our brand-new petition. Your voice makes a difference.
Today’s Sekulow broadcast included a full analysis of former AG Barr’s bombshell announcement. ACLJ Senior Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy Ric Grenell responded to the growing calls for presidential debates between President Biden and President Trump.

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