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Shocking Attack on Idaho/Oregon Farming - Communist/Freemason Politics Just Like In Europe

JamesRoss - 114 Views
Published on 16 Jun 2024 / In News and Politics

The rising fiery pheonix is a the symbol of the NWO-takeover.

When you finally realize that the Freemasons are sabotaging federal control of your country, then it is high time to take back local and state politics and phase-out federal control over the state. Even in the UK colonies, in 1931, the Statute of Westminster gave each province their own sovereignty to become isolated from the crown during the "Great Depression." But after the Dirty Thirties, the crown sneaked back into federal control since sheeple quickly forget things Freemason politicians do.

Often, but not always, symbolizing the phoenix rising means the people behind it are judas goats gathering a following.

Infowars uses the cube and the phoenix, too. Upon first listening to Alex Jones you think he is against the NWO when he is actually within their brainchip-hivemind army as well. His job is to lead followers away from the real villains(Freemasons) and become lost in confusion as to who and why are they doing this.

Scaring you that your world is crumbling to pieces is called "Frighten the sheep" tactics.
What you are not told is that a conspiracy of secret societies has always been infiltrating politics, police, military, education, universities, hospitals, all profession organizers, museums, all NGO and government employment are weeding out the non-cUlt people who do not serve the NWO rising fiery phoenix.
Fake leads are serving the NWO-takeover and symbols are how they communicated to each other but now they are all brainchipped into a hivemind army within each country following commands from encrypted digital microwave light of Lucifer the A.i. beast.

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neopaladin777 1 month ago

STOP complying, dumbasses .......

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