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UPDATE!! #ShadowGate - Full Show 8-15-20

The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 1,590 Views
Published on 15 Aug 2020 / In News and Politics

It is with sadness that Infowars is forced by conscience and respect for goodness to break ties with Millie Weaver and her entourage. After an eight year relationship, we do not take this action lightly. Millie as a contractor, working with our Infowars team, has produced hundreds of important and at times amazing productions that have truly informed the public, and empowered humanity. We are not ending this relationship with Millie because of the film Shadowgate. Sadly our relationship must end, because we cannot be connected to individuals involved in her operation. These issues are too voluminous to chronicle here, but out of respect for the public, infowars supporters, and to Millie’s fans, we are linking to a detailed report laid out by Kaitlin Bennett: The Truth About Millie Weaver and Shadowgate Our fact checkers have reviewed this report and found it to be credible. If you wish to understand why we have made this decision, watch this video, but we are not going to talk about this anymore. We are an organization known for not infighting and for trying to support the grassroots in the fight for human freedom. This is something we had to do, and we concur with Kaitlin Bennett’s analysis Click the link below and see the information for yourself. The Truth About Millie Weaver and Shadowgate We wish Millie well and hope that she can come to her senses.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 years ago

The First LAW put into the Lexicon

If there was ever A Golden age in the Real World we all come from before we ended up here in Purgatory for Destroying our Home World in the IRON AGE of Madness, then what was this LAW, and why did WE THE PEOPLE fall from the Golden Age into the Silver Age, and then Fall Further from the Silver Age into the Bronze age, and even at that point, what did [so happen] #QANON /_\ once we FELL like the Angels From Heaven from the Bronze Age into the Heroic Age where we battled Demons and Monsters, and they ended up winning the WAR OF THE WORLDS where this Side of FLAT EARTH with our North Pole Star was taken from We The People by the Beings and Creatures from the Other Side of our FLAT EARTH known as the “South Pole Star” inside this DEAD Celestial Sphere of Hell and Damnation where our Spirits, and Souls, and Symbiots, and SOLIDS walk among the Living Dead down here in PURGATORY placed here by our Dead Gods.?.?.?

We know the Greek is the one world Language of WE THE PEOPLE, and we know LATIN used to be the Language of The RULE OF LAW until the Vatican Destroyed the ROMAN GOVERNMENT, and took the Religion of We The People to make us bow down [too men] Q’ rather than to uphold the ideals of our Gods and Goddesses where “male and female” were seen as counterparts, and not this world of Racka here in Purgatory where The MALE is considered [Superior] / * \ to the FEMALE when the Wombman is the one whom carries WE THE PEOPLE to term for Nine Freakin Months too give birth to both Male, and Female while THE MAN of Men can not Give birth to none, but only plant a Seed that the FEMALE Celestial Egg “shall choose” to be born male, or female… So how did WE THE PEOPLE Go from a Culture of Respect for them whom Give Birth to all Mankind to saying The WOMB is Evil, and Children “should be” ABORTED before WE THE PEOPLE are born.?.?.?

It matters not to me your Religion when We The People allowed our REAL {Celestial Sphere} to be murdered by them whom seek only more War, and More Weapons, and More Destruction… And as WE THE PEOPLE Find ourselves in the END OF DAYS in this [Iron Age] Q+ how do we whom knew The Christ, and The Buddha, and The Mohammad must have fought as ONE too say: DO not Rip Open The Dome of the ROCK with your NASA Ratheon HAARP and DARPA Trillion Watt LAZERS!!!! Yet, no matter how Heroic WE ARE “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition in the Real World did Prevail against these U.N. FLAGS, THEY LIVE still launched all their Nuclear Hydrogen Atomic Holocaust WEAPONS “at one another” with their Drone Armies known as these U.N. Troops in all Countries Military Organizations……., and you can be Certain` The FREE MASON Lodge Members are all too blame for why WE ARE Trapped in Purgatory!!!

The Bible was wrote once we “ended up here” in PURGATORY, but it has been changed EXTENSIVELY, and even though these EVIL SPIRITS of Incubus and Succubus called Doppelgangers from the Other Side of the World known as The World of the Dead in the OLD TESTAMENT, it is also known as “Hell and Hades” in the NEW TESTAMENT, and why would a Word from the Great Greek and Roman LEXICON Be in this Book of Books known as THE WORD Biblical unless God and Satan wanted to say they are [not to blame] Q for what we Puny Humans of Flesh, and Blood, and Bones did to become antihero’s when we Broke The RULE OF LAW and ORDER known as {Thou Shalt Not Kill} that does so mean Murder, and all our U.N. FLAGS, and their U.N. Peacekeeper “Troops” only do but WAR IS MURDER…

Johnny Exodice

How can you be Saved by the LAW if you do not know the LAW??? Moreover, as each U.N. FLAG says Our LAWS are not the “SAME” as your LAWS then does that absolve the Military, and The Police, and the Courts when they EXECUTE We The People, and Do Abortions to we “grown children” of our Nations when we the {NONMASON Population} have NO SAY in these RULES and LAWS???


If First Degree Murder is to INTENTIONALLY Seek out And Kill another, then how can anyone JUSTIFY WAR when WAR Teaches OUR CHILDREN to hunt and kill “one another” and Do 1st Degree Murder every time they Shoot “one another” on these WAR GAMES Battle Fields too Drop Bombs on the many as Serial Killers among we all “be they” this flag or not!!!! WAR IS MURDER, and Your GOD will judge you no matter your God be it [Good AND Evil] and you will not be REWARDED [War Hero] for being A SERIAL KILLER!!!! The Oracle for the End of an Age Connected to the Source of All Creation……., and The Source of All Destruction has so spoken…

Knowing the Bible was made “after” the Fall of the Heroic Age……., and the Library of Alexandra held the LEXICON of We The People…..., how much {has been changed} since the GOLDEN AGE as we live….., and repeat OUR LIVES in this never ending MUD FLOOD Oraborus Curse of {De-Ja-Vu} known as The IRON AGE down here in Purgatory.?.?.?

The Sentinel…


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Oinky Squeak
Oinky Squeak 2 years ago


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