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Sept 27 NYC New York Freedom Rally Demonstration March Protest Covid-19 Vaccine Passport.mp4

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Published on 28 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics

Sept 27 NYC New York Freedom Rally Demonstration March Protest Covid-19 Vaccine Passport

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

At the END of the Day, all you can do is Trust in the Spirits, and let them guide you…

But, if you think you can still go home after the INJECTION thence you are the fool, so go INJECT your children, so you can be like that man whom Begged Christ Jesus 1.0 to go warn his family, so they did not have the same fate as he “trapped” in the HELL of Hades that we now know is your worst Nightmare while “sleeping” that you can never wake from……..., and in this comprehension that SATAN rules this world, let the fools, and the faggots follow these “Fake Jews” from the Book of Revelation known as these FREE MASON Lodge Members in our home towns whom live for the TV Shows of Hollywood to Bollywood of MADE IN CHINA as the Merchant Ships have MILITARY U.N. Troops “blockaded” the USA so no ships may come in……., and no ship might leave….

I will not get the Vaccination, I know how to live off the land if I must, and I also know how to just STOP eating until my flesh, and blood, and bones TEMPORARY human body AVATAR shuts down, so I can die in peace, but Woe unto you whom take the MARK of this “Graphene” that is the Blood of Demons too mark your “bones” where you will be rejected as UNWORTHY because you could not live without the TEMPORARY Comforts of this world….

1. That is on you, so for all my People and Children of Pak-Toe whom remain #UNVAXXED of the #COVAXXED let us live well and die free: come what may just as real “Christians” were Tortured too death in the NEW TESTAMENT “Jewish” Gospels because WE ARE know now that SATAN is the God of this world…….., but Our God the Source of All Creation and All Destruction placed him as {Lord of Purgatory} too see whom would be able too REMEMBER where you are` with all your De-Ja-Vu as we follow the NARROW PATH of honesty’ while the many “Menticide” Mindless Masses will take the INJECTIONS to fit in knowingly or Cognitive “Disobedience” THEY too become more of “THEY LIVE” these bones trapped in the Grave Yards of Hermetically Sealed Coffins….

Sadly, so many will sell their SOULS and “Spirits” just to have TV Shows and comfort in a TEMPORARY Temporal corporeal MORTAL Body…..., but we have all had Nightmares,….. and when “they” become trapped in one as their REWARD from Lucifer, so be it!!!!


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