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Scott Mckay. 1/20: Things are not what they appear. Don't throw in the towel yet! Imp brief.

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Published on 23 Jan 2021 / In Film and Animation

Undivided attention pls.[Fog of war]
Stay calm,
Patriots are in control.
If you are not on Telegram, GET - IT -NOW
Get on Scotts Telegram as his channels are being deleted by YouCûnt.
A real patriot will sacrifice it all and not give up in the cold of winter to fight for freedom, is brave and does not cower at the first signs of a set back.
You are not privy to Mil Intelligence or the battle plan, hence take the crumbs we are given and chill.
All whiners and bitches, unsub here we don't need neg energy and weaklings!
Go back to the box to your tell-a-vision and get programed.
===I got hard core info planned for this channel. Watch the movie the Matrix again! Because thats what we live in. ARE YOU TAKING THE BLUE OR RED PILL? THIS IS A RED PILL CHANNEL.

Back up / Bitchute https://www.bitchute.com/chann....el/deepstategameover

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Barbara Zetocha
Barbara Zetocha 1 month ago

Love you Scott McKay & what you stand for!

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JSandberg 1 month ago

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"King Osirus "Chief Sitting Bull"

Washington DC: Is Now America [FEDERAL PRISON]->WOW! For Those Who Have Brains To Think?

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"King Osirus "Chief Sitting Bull"

Great Observation and Reporting.

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PeterPiper 1 month ago

What's the difference in faith and delusion?

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