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United by Truth
United by Truth - 238 Views
Published on 22 Jan 2022 / In News and Politics

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United by Truth
United by Truth 4 months ago

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 4 months ago

If I see it, is it there, or is it only an illusion…

Have you ever considered my People and Children of Pak-Toe that your FLAT EARTH {TV Screens} Qballs~ /-\ are the Mirrors of Alice in Wonderland on your NEW TESTAMENT White Washed Walls and Halls into the Hell of Hades known as Perdition.?.?.?

Have you [pondered] /_\ Why whence you Sleep' your Dream can be so very real' that you can DREAM of the Future, and then, walk in the Future: and say to yourselves, I have done this in a DREAM known as De-Ja-Vu???

How long have you "been" in PURGATORY......., and what part did you (play) in the Destruction of our Real Home World GLOBE EARTH Crystal Ball Celestial Sphere that is the Reflection in the Night and Day Sky known as our DEAD HOME WORLD the moon being that Awful Horror in the New Testament Gospel of the Holy Living Bible…

Since {Christ Jesus 1.0} +=+ FOREWARNED us Angels and Demons that we all would "RELIVE" the Days of Noah one last time before the Birthing Pains would bring into [Completion] [{**}] OUR New Mother Heaven, and OUR New Father Earth as NEW WINE SKINS, why is it these (OLD WINE SKINS) [{*}} hate their Mother Heaven........., and Hate their Father Earth in the 10 COMMANDMENTS of Honor Thy Mother Heaven, and Thy Father Earth that thy days might and may go well whence you REMEMBER you are The Dammed, The Cursed, and The Forsaken, and Yet what do our CORPORATIONS of Capitalist INTERNATIONALIST seek and do with all their Capitalism on their CORPORATION TV SCREEN'S and Cell Phone Moon Beams…

The CORPORATION makes the Weapons for WAR IS MURDER, so our World Leaders can {Play WAR GAMES} with our lives in their Temporary MORTAL Corporeal Esoteric Flesh, and Blood, and Bones: Body TEMPLE Avatars' saying it is O.K. too murder HUMANS` because WE SAY this flag does not have Humans, it has Angels and Demons, and there in NO RULE OF LAW by Our God that says We Angels and Demons can not kill, and murder, and rape, and torment you OUR FELLOW Angels and Demons in these Days of Noah ONE LAST TIME till the END OF THE WORLD come 2094 CE when this Celestial Sphere become the Dead Moon of the Awful Horror in the New Testament GOSPEL…

Thou Shalt NOT Kill that means MURDER in a Court of Celestial and Earthly Law, and I do not see no LOOP HOLE if I can but just rename "youm" Humans Angels and Demons into YOUR FLAG is not MY FLAG to Go to War with your Fellow Humans as WAR IS MURDER is against {THE RULE OF LAW} of your God that is our God my Fellow Angels and Demons aka The SPIRITS that "animate" these Human Body TEMPLE Avatars...

Have you ever "pondered" my Children and People of Pak-Toe in MATHEW 5 why your (Fellow) People and Children called The Racka in MATHEW 5 hate you and their Mother and Father HEAVEN and EARTH; as well as, WE ARE Their Ancestors just as THEY LIVE are our Ancestors, even Their Blood Brothers, and Their Blood Sisters, and what of you their [fellow] Children 11 years old and younger here in the Days of Noah ONE LAST TIME because Your own People and FAMILY want to enslave you with TAXES' and Religions` from the New Testament GOSPEL while your own people also LIVE OFF OF YOUR TAXES, and take your money in Religion Charities and Corporate Welfare while our people that is their people aka CITIZENS sleep naked, cold, and dying on the Streets in all Cities, and all U.N. Troops FLAGS "of and for" WAR IS MURDER in their (U.N. Troops) WAR GAMES killing we their Fellow Citizens for MONEY, the very MONEY we pay our [U.N. Troops] for PROTECTION from these CORPORATION WAR GAMES of WAR IS MURDER.?.?.?

This is the World we find ourselves in "Futurist" from the (FUTURE) with your Global Citizens CORPORATION Pass Ports from 2045 and 2077, as we of this {TIME LINE} in 2022 being your Parents, and Grand Parents, and your Ancestors from the [INCUBATOR] BABIES in the Mud Flood Wars of and from 1893, why is it you CAPITALIST internationalist would "rather" kill we your Ancestor Blood Line family members where you say: I must Kill (you) because [your] FLAG is not my FLAG, yet fellow Family members as Angels and Demons N.O.W. you say to yourselves, I MUST KILL YOU because you are a NON-MASON industrialist, and I am a FREE MASON Lodge Member CAPITALIST!!!

The Rag Tag Rebellion “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition Stratocracy as The Society of non-mason with our World Citizens PASS PORTS in all Nations as compared to you FREE MASON {Global Citizens} Pass Ports wearing your Capitalist RELIGIOUS Governmental Suits and Ties and Skirt's on these Delusional [Illusional] FANTASIST Fantasy TV SCREENS and Cell Phone Moon Beams of and for Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 where everyone and thing on TV is nothing more then a Planed out Pandemic Hollywood TV SHOW here and now in 2019 to the end of 2022 New Years Eve of and in 2023…

Just 100 Years ago, we and you were the INCUBATOR BABIES of the MUD FLOOD WARS: were as 30 years old Angels and Demons in 1923 that if we had grown real old would make us Angels and Demons in those Temporary DE-JA-Vu Human Bodies all 130 years of age' if Our God of the Bible` did not Decree: No Human Avatar of Flesh, and Blood, and Bones can live to be {120 years of life} no matter what SCIENCE OF SORCERY your world Leader's and their FAKE JEWS of Hollywood Book of Revelation HANDLERS do too try and "escape" Judgment Day here in PURGATORY come 2094 CE for what THEY LIVE have done to WE ARE with their Miserable "Capitalist" CORPORATION internationalist (Lives) as The Reprobate Destined too Perdition for their [Thoughts] and Actions in every What Was – What is – What will be in the Book of Revelation "of and for" THE HOLY LIVING BIBLE OF OUR GOD that is so too Their God...

We see what your EYES do Capitalist in your Suits and Ties and Skirts as Time Androids from the Future of 2045 and 2077, but you can not see {those of we} whom have The Holy Water Spirit from the Holy Living GOD of the Bible that made DAY 6 in the Book of Books…

Do so tell me this my 30 year old MALE and FEMALE of Today in 2023: what do you Actually and REALLY think' of your Brothers and Sisters as Angels and Demons` at 30 years old in 1923 after The MUD FLOOD WARS that THEY LIVE be making all these Hollywood FAKE JEWS movies from THE BOOK OF REVELATION too hide "their" shame and (sham) called the MUD FLOOD WARS of 1812 too 1945 in World War Two...

And now your Fellow Angels and Demons want to go to World War in Ukrainians once again in 2022!!!!

Purgatory will be Purgatory.....

#MistyBlue ? and #BlackCherry ?

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