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RT Russia Today, Headlining a brief EXPOSE' OF SOROS LEAKS.mp4

The Waterbearer
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Published on 18 Apr 2022 / In News and Politics

RT Russia Today, Headlining a brief EXPOSE' OF SOROS LEAKS

Original Saurce:-

George Soros, the sad old rich billionaire that must find no worth for his money other than trying to control peoples lives. Leaked documents show how Soros has consistently interfered with politics trying to manipulate the way citizens vote in elections and in the case of the UK he dramatically FAILED in the UK referendum to get people to stay in the EU. Having LOST that battle and despite throwing a great deal of money around at certain people in very high places in politics, (you know who you are) he went on to a SECOND DEFEAT. The MSM pre-run for all the Covid propaganda, constant 24/7 headlining of 'Brexit Crisis' with all their fake news and a Countdown To Doom Clock on display to their imaginery, Brexit Catastrophe. The people of the UK rose up, preventing a 'U Turn' to their referendum result and were victorious by ensuring we got what we instructed parliament to do by leaving the EU.

George Soros wants Sorosocracy and to wreck Europe, with his support of open border policies. His spoilt brat antics makes him a top contender to be number one enemy of the people of democratic nations.

Leaked documents have shown that the Open Society Foundation has funded Local Advocates, Social Media Projects and Journalists.

Here are the details of more SOROS FAILURES but this time he has been exposed by Russia as becoming party to the blame game. Sad old bugger time is running out he perhaps knows he can't take it with him when he goes.

Do not restrict our right to freedom of expression online.
We believe the Government's draft Online Safety Bill poses one of the greatest threats to free speech of any law in the UK in living memory. We are calling on the Government to remove provisions within the Bill which specifically target lawful expression.


DUNEDRIFTER, (Counter Narrative / Legal Channel)

(Article 1).
All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights
Articles 1 ---30

To save all our rights we have to fight for ourselves and others until they awaken and join us.
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George Soros, Meddling With Voters, Open Society Foundation

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