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Ron DeSantis is Skull & Bones and Oversaw Torture at Guantanamo Bay

Truth Seekers Worldwide
Published on 21 May 2023 / In News and Politics

A former Guantánamo Prisoner was held for 16 years with zero charges! He was tortured like many of the other detainees who were urged to kill themselves.

Every day and night they were asked to admit to a crime they didn't commit while Ron DeSantis knew these men were innocent- and many did commit suicide or were killed by torture. Ron DeSantis was a Navy Attorney at Gitmo and seemed to enjoy viewing the torture, according to prisoners that saw him smiling as he watched them suffer.

Please start learning all you can about this monster. Ron has so many fooled by a few things he's said and done that outwardly appear as if he's a good guy, when in realty it's part of his guise. He's a wolf in sheep's clothing, who is also married to a corrupt media monger who is also tied in with Black Rock.

There is a long list of negatives on Ron. People please do your homework!

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hatbox 4 months ago

DeSantis is not a good guy. He actually thinks Bush and Eisenhower were great men.

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27618 4 months ago

Keep at it, Laura, Florida will soon be grateful to your exposing this man. Someone ought to expose his tie into that Miami building that tragically collapsed and killed people that was one day all over the media then one day shut like luggage: heard about it no more.

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anoncoward 4 months ago

2 boring hypocrites. You're going to find almost everyone in power has been blackmailed.. why don't you start by organizing, then shoot off your ugly face.

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