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Roll out the Millstones!.mp4

Published on 19 May 2022 / In News and Politics

The Ole' Buzzard's blog story "From Pagan God Moloch to Mandemic Merck: False Priests Sacrifice Utah’s Innocent Children to the Jab!" found HERE ( was inspiration for this video. The blog story and video are dedicated to the memory of one of my heroes ... Col. Irvin R. Sieczynski. Col. "Ski" fought the ground fight in WWII at Anzio and survived as a German P.O.W. to become an Air Force pilot and my aircraft commander. I was his "sparky"(radio operator) and we were a WB-50 bomber crew of about 10 men flying in and out of typhoons and Soviet thermonuclear clouds. "Ski" is the reason I'm alive today and for his bravery and heroism in WWII and his kindness and care of "wild young" me under his command, I dedicate what remains after my 85 years to his memory, sacrifice, and patriotism. "Ski's" story can be found HERE ( He would be proud of us for staying in the fray.

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27618 1 month ago

Lots of sorrrrow coming into the world.

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Melissa Samara
Melissa Samara 1 month ago

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Theroadtroll 1 month ago

Pure evil.stupidity on the parents part.

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