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Rodrigo & Swift: Grammys. Vampire Satanic, Illuminati + more!

Brandon Nighthawk
Brandon Nighthawk - 236 Views
Published on 21 Feb 2024 / In Music

In this video that I put together shows you some history of Olivia Rodrigo & Taylor Swift of their supposed feud and friendship and how their both part of the Illuminati deceiving plebeians of all ages especially during the recent 2024 Grammys with the Satanic Blood Ritual + much more!!!

Rodrigo says that she writes her own songs. This is possible yes but for most if not all of today's over-exposed idols, there is only one person that writes their top hits and that is Illuminati whistle-blower Donald Marshal. He's exposed and revealed so much over the past decade yet his word seems to do no good as so many people on Twitter/X, Facebook along other Social Media Outlets never acknowledges the truth he has been desperately trying to spread and every day is the same with only a tiny amount of people like Myself, Brandon Nighthawk of trying to tell what is really going on. He has written so many top songs over the past 30 years for such artists like Madonna & Metallica and yes your beloved Taylor Swift which he is forced to do for the Illuminati so again it's possible but I don't Olivia Rodrigo comes up with her own songs but of course the show goes on like it's all new, original and real while the sheeple continue to buy & fall for this!!

If this video is important to you and you want others like Family & Friends you care about to know the truth then share this video and let them know! I would appreciate it if you give this video a Thumb's up and leave an optional comment ;) Also I would very much appreciate it if you check out My other videos too including My special introduction for My origins of why I'm here and for more content truths of what is really going on :)

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