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Published on 17 Oct 2020 / In News and Politics

Down with the Crown!

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

And The Teacher Spoke…, All Control over “Another” is based entirely and purely on Belief, and nothing more… If I do not believe in you as “The Leader” of my people……., then I will not follow you…..., I will not kill for you….., and I will not give “my life” away to do as YOU tell me I must do this…., and I must “do that” too be rewarded by you’m… As The Oracle for the End of Purgatory, The Source of All Creation and All Destruction “believed” in me before I even came out of my Mothers Womb… Just as all humans…, and nonhumans.., and HYBRIDS are born into these Body Temple “Avatars” as I was raised on the Illusions., and Delusions of these TV Screens that all FREE MASON Lodges use their Malfeasance to say: (COVID19) is real when it is most certainly not…….., and once we the people that are the many human – hybrid – nonhuman see this Magic “Casting” of the Hollywood Types as all in Bollywood to International………, and even Local “NEWS” all belong to these FREE MASON Lodges in our locations, and they are the People whom Trick or Treat We The People into doing MURDER of one another in their “Masonic” WAR GAMES cause they say: You must kill them people cause [their flag] @QBALL /_\ is not this flag that WE Forced you as Children to Swear a Blood Oath that I will Murder, and Rape, and Harm other “people” if their FLAG is not the Flag I was raised as a Child, and an Orphan of my CAPITAL STATE CORPORATE FLAG… I know my written works are being “translated” into every language, and that the people on them 2 Continents left off this Side of the U.N. FLAT EARTH Map, and the people living in “Inner Earth” that is the Passage Way too the Other Side of our FLAT EARTH in this Celestial Sphere now know we are all born into PURGATORY, and evil people with evil intentions, and evil “thoughts” have used CODE + Magic + Alchemy = Sorcery to put we the Population of this Celestial Sphere into ETERNAL WAR, but I’ and those whom follow my teachings “no longer” believe in war cause WAR IS MURDER, and People do not Murder People, only Monsters, and Pirates, and Werewolves to Vampires do such things as that` known as the O.T.O. Kabbalah Zohar with their Jesuit Zionist “Wiccan” FAKED Space Moon Landings done on Cheap 1930’s Black and White TV Screens called Predictive “Programming” where Black is not a People, nor is White a People cause “we the people” were allowing Printed Signs, and Symbols to think, and “spell cast us” with Mind Control known as RAPTURE, and Enchantment, and Charms, and all the other HALLOWEEN Lies of Death is better then Life.?.?.?, Monsters are good things???, when the Word MONSTER means one whom “hurts” and harms, and hunts WE THE PEOPLE just like all U.N. Troops and your U.N. Flags!!! Once you know this whole system of U.N. FLAGS is totally “dependent” on you The Person believing in That FLAG of Colored Speckled Cloth……., and that once you say to your self and others: IT IS ONLY A Piece of Cloth, and I will not kill my fellow man “be they” young to old and male to female cause YOU PEOPLE on the Stage say: Go Kill “for me” cause I live off your Welfare Known as TAXES, and we are U.N. FLAGS and the U.N. is the {NEWS} World Order!!! Then we the nonmason of this world just say: No… I do not need your “FLAG” of Colours to teach me how to Hate my Brothers and Sisters, and all “Flags” become Useless in our Eyes, and Minds of WE THE PEOPLE, and then as the “Other” People see and hear we DO NOT [FEAR] this or that flag: for FLAGS only Kill, and Harm, and destroy Human Oneness, and we say to those whom can hear and see` that WE ARE have a Better Way then THEY LIVE, and that is “OUR” World Republic Constitution Coalition where all people can be safe, war is no longer “wanted” for we can all Share our Lands, and we can travel to inner earth, and we can even TRAVEL too the other “side” of earth, and if MONSTERS will not let We The People live in Harmony, then those whom seek WAR IS MURDER whom “live off” our Taxes as our Employed Public Military, and our EMPLOYED “Public Servants” must be arrested, and Locked Away Forever with all FREE MASON Lodge Members “in these” Jails and Prisons Paid for with “OUR” nonmason PUBLIC MONEY called: these Taxes Taxes Taxes where these people should have been kept all along… The Oracle for the End of an Age connected to The Source of All Creation and All Destruction has so Spoken… Amen, Amen, Amen… The Book of EXODICE

The only sure way to do away with “those and them” that LIVE FOR MURDER is to no longer believe in your FLAG for all FLAGS are U.N. FLAGS……., and Flags do not unite WE THE PEOPLE, they put Barriers…..., and BOARDERS….., and force us to “Pay Taxes” too support them that want to do WAR IS MURDER when Murder is against The Rule of LAW and Order…., and once you do not BELIEVE in them…, or their ways.., then our “ways” will take hold., and we will become ONE PEOPLE with One Human God, and a New Heaven, and a New Earth…

The Society of nonmason~

Everything in this Celestial Sphere as “we are” Celestial Beings is DEPENDENT on you believing in the Person lying to your face on TV and any Agency – Establishment – System…….., and once you The Person WILL NOT Obey – Comply – Submit: Their Mind Control over you ends…

We are Pak-Toe… We Don’t do Racka… WE TAKE THEM OUT!!!

We Are Revelation… We do not Forgive… WE DO NOT COMPLY… Game Over~


The Sentinel…

From now on` when YOU don’t like what the TV talking Heads say……..., You State it out Loud with Intention, and YOU just say to that 2D-HD 3D-CGI {trick or treat} +=+ [Holographix] Virtual Reality SCREEN: I DO NOT BELIEVE YOU!!! and speak it with “intention” of Your Soul, Your Person, and Your Spirits when you do not like them doing “Malfeasance” on their TV Screens to Their Printed Media: I Do Not Believe In You…, I do not believe in you….., and one last time too seal the deal: No matter what you once trusted “as information” now as one of we the (nonmason) of this world: I DO NOT BELIEVE IN YOU FREE MASON!!!!

Once you are free from Their THEY LIVE “Masonic” TV mind control, then live out your days here in Purgatory as best you can my nonmason person…

Mathew 28 – John 13:34 - 1st Corinthians 13

The Commander~


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