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Ricardo Delgado - Pfizer Jab is 98% Graphene Oxide

Belfrey - 3,159 Views
Published on 05 Jul 2021 / In Health

A vial of the Pfizer experimental gene therapy was obtained by a police officer, given to Ricardo, and sent to the Public University of Almeria. The preliminary results show massive amounts of Graphene Oxide. He concludes that this may be the explanation for the Electromagnetic phenomenon (stainless steel objects and magnets sticking to people, EMF signals from the Jab site, etc) and also the heart conditions and clotting.

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LittleSparrow1 3 years ago

I believe 100% that this is true. I would love to see that report. That being said, anyone who has had an MRI with(gadolunium)contrast will be magnetic, and this is true 5 years after the procedure.

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Belfrey 3 years ago


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