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Rhodesian SAS Hero David Scott-Donelan, Legendary Tracker and Special Forces Operator, Savage DocuSeries Interview

For Ourselves And Our Posterity
Published on 19 Jun 2024 / In People and Blogs

A great video interview of legendary Rhodesian SAS trooper and tracker, David Scott-Donelan. He breavely fought the communist terrorists, pushing them back and giving his people a little bit more time to enjoy their liberty. Unfortunately, it seems only part 1 was released. Since then, David has passed on to eternal glory. Never forget the sacrifices and victories of the Rhodesian soldiers. God Bless David Scott-Donelan, 7 Jan 1941 to 27 Dec 2023.

Website dedicated to David Scott-Donelan:

You may be interested in his book:
* Tracking Operations: The Essential Guide for Military and Police Trackers * by David Scott-Donelan
"This manual is packed with practical lessons, on-the-ground tricks, training drills and equipment suggestions for the solo tracker on up to a multiagency tracking operation. Learn from a 30-year veteran how to find and follow tracks through any terrain; assess the age of tracks; relocate the trail after it's gone missing; foil every effort to throw off your pursuit; coordinate a four-man team while tracking armed fugitives; set up and run large tracking operations, use the latest high-tech gear to find fugitives and more."

From the comments section:
* “I’m just a soldier” best line in the entire interview, humble man
* This man takes the quote: “Better Dead than Red” to a whole new level.
* long live Rhodesia
* I have the greatest respect for this man. He taught me man-tracking, and in addition to being an amazing instructor, he had great stories to tell.
* Awesome! My dad served with David in the Selous Scouts. Respect!
*Thank you for this interview! He is a legend and, dear I say it…hero
* I met David about 20 years ago when we contracted him to run a tracking course for our unit. Really nice, humble, quiet gentleman.
* It must break his heart to see what has become of the old Rhodesia.
* The Legends Men amongst Men
* My experience in the US Army leads me to believe that service in the selous scouts or sas is because you possess tenacity, endurance, strength and dedication. Dedication above all. That is earned. I think the number I saw was 12% pass rate. That's incredible. Rhodesia isn't forgotten. My respect to to anyone who fought for Rhodesia. God bless you all.
* Dave Scott D was an incredible officer to server under. Along with being the best of the best of soldiers, he took care of his men, respected his men, and led from the front.
*His company trained me on tracking and i have an autographed book from him. He is THE man!
* David was an immaculate and superb Rhodesian infantry and special forces officer. One of the very best.
* I have nothing but enormous respect for this man and I salute him without hesitation and absolute pride.

The Rhodesians won every major battle in the Bush War, often with seemingly incredible casualty ratios. However, they were betrayed by the infiltration of Western Nations: the Propaganda Press, Marxist Media, Closet Commies, Loxist Liars, and Bolshevik Bureaucrats. A supposedly "Democratic Election" resulted in a Maoist president, and Free Rhodesia changed to Zimbabwe.

Rhodesia was a wonderful, prosperous country that was known as the "Breadbasket of Africa." In many ways it was a real-life Wakanda: an advanced African country that had intelligent, hardworking people that made significant contributions to humanity and the entire world. After the Communists took over, the country quickly reverted to barbarism, and used Wesern Aid money to enrich the ruling class and pay off the Chinese. A first world food exporter became a third world food importer full of trash, poverty, and starvation.

Make Zimbabwe Rhodesia Again
Make Rhodesia Great Again

Oppose Those Who Would Defame Our History and Rich Cultural Heritage
Diversity is a Code Word for White Genocide
Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White
We Can't Restore Western Civilization With non-Western Babies
We Have a Patriotic Duty to Stop Genocide Against our People

Blacks owe Whites Reparations
End Eurocide
Fight back against Europhobic bigotry
It's Okay to Be White
White Lives Matter
We Must Secure the Existence of our People and a Future for White Children
Because the Beauty of the White Aryan Woman Must Not Perish From the Earth

David Scott-Donelan, Rhodesian SAS Hero, Savage DocuSeries Interview, VTK-lBOuysk, 480p

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Larry Thorne
Larry Thorne 28 days ago

Would like to hear more. Sad the interview was cut short, and the remainder not published.

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Ian Smith
Ian Smith 28 days ago

Rhodesia produced so many great men.

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White Lives Matter 1776

Grateful the stories are being saved

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Long Range Patrol
Long Range Patrol 1 month ago

Whata legend. Wish we had more on his life.

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Charles Martel 732
Charles Martel 732 1 month ago

He was a great man

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